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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jack is Creepy Movie

Wife brought home a movie for S. to watch tonight. It is called "Jack," it is from 1996 and features Robin Williams as a 10 year old who looks like a 40 year old. It featues several actors who were famous at the time and who look pretty much bored stiff.
Robin Williams is pretending to be age 10. It is always funny to see 50 year-old-actors who are trying to play 40 year-old-actors pretending to be kids. Robin Williams is playing his usual charactor who is sometimes Mrs. Doubtfire and sometimes a 10 year old kid. In this case it is just creepy. 
Highjinks ensue when he goes to school. Of course there is a fart joke and of course the desk breaks and there is the recess scene. And there is a chase and then they are all friends. And everyone learns something about being different.
I was kind of wondering if the people in the school would not have perhaps prepared the other kids for a "special" student who looks 50 but is really 10. They did know that he was a little out of the ordinary. But, I guess that would have made for an insightful movie and not just a showcase of Robin Williams incredible acting talent.
Oh it was wonderful to hear Diane Lane exclaiming, "I made chocolate pudding, your favorite!" to Robin who is hiding in a box.
If only Mrs. Doubtfire could have appeared. She would have fixed everything.
Good grief! These people get paid freaking millions of dollars.

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