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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I read Gasoline Alley Every Day

I have followed the Gasoline Alley comic strip since I was a little kid. I remember sitting in front of the old oil stove and reading Gasoline Alley which I think was in the old Oregon Journal (
Somewhere I have a scrapbook from the 1940's that my great aunt put together that has Walt and Skeezix in it. I think Walt was courting Nina at the time. He had a long convertible car and had a small head.
I check the Gasoline Alley comic strip everyday. Gasoline Alley characters have aged over time. Nina died a couple years back which was sad. Walt has a bit of dementia but he is no spring chicken.
The place where I check the strip has a forum which is funny to read. These people take it all pretty seriously. There are comments on the artwork and the story line. What really cracks me up are the people who are always criticizing the story. They don't like Joel and Rufus or they don' t like new characters and they are always second guessing what is coming next in the strip.
I just like it all. It is pretty random stuff, pretty much like life is made up of a lot of random stuff.
The only thing that really bugs me is the characters who are drawn with no pupils in their eyes. They look like zombies. The kids, Rover and his sister, had no pupils and I always thought they would end up as devil children. They didn't. I think Rover married another pupil-less girl named Hogie and they live in a cabin in the woods.
My favorite line from the strip is, "fetch the fool jug Rufus." Don't ever say that in public. People don't really understand what you are talking about.

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