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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Post at NAT

Yesterday I posted my frustration on NewAgTalk. The results were a bit different than I expected. I must confess I thought I would get a few folks who agree with me. If you give somebody something you should stick with what you said. Or if you get a field with the agreement you need to take care of someone with a prior agreement-you take care of that person, in a fair manner.
I think perhaps I need to realize this is the 21st century and people whose word is their bond-people who lived by handshake agreements-that world is no more.
It was pretty funny however. Some people wondered what horse people used straw for. (bedding) The point was brought up that I shouldn't care as I didn't want the straw anyway, that is true, but kind of misses the point.
But, the basic understanding I keep getting reinforced is that you need to be a much bigger farmer. And you need to get there anyway possible. After all farming should not be your lifestyle-it should be a business. That of course means you should try to get the best of every business deal, I suppose...
One fellow did thank me for advice I gave him on my White tractor, so that was nice.
Off to work I go! Hi! Ho! Perhaps I can steal a field of straw from someone today! Whoop! Whoop! That will bring me personal satisfaction!

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