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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More jerks in the farming world

I have this friend who has horses. He is pretty annoying but he is basically a good guy. He is obsessed with getting the best deal possible, and he is an Austrian immigrant so the whole combination is both frustrating and comical at the same time.

He found a field of wheat straw two miles from his house. So he asked the farmer if he could have enough to bale 600 bales for his horses. He wanted me to bale it and he would haul it with his Super 1048. 

We have had several discussions about when I am going to bale it. I said middle to end of the week and he wanted it done right away. I pointed out that I have commitments and have to keep a schedule. Finally I told him to just get the whole field spoken for and I would bale it at the end of the week and take what he didn't want. We could run a swather over and do a proper job.

Finally, I just called the farmer, who I have known for years, and talked to him about it. The farmer said he had given the straw to another baler person, but that person said he would take care of my Austrian. This was basically ok with me as I didn't really want to bale there as it is a long drive from where I need to be. I think I have plenty of wheat straw if I want to bale it.

So, my Austrian friend calls me that evening. He had gone to check out the field and found the baler guy and the farmer at the field. The baler guy offered to sell him last year's straw for $50 a ton to replace the perfectly clean straw in the field. Austrian said the farmer backed up what the baler guy said.

I didn't call the farmer again. I guess I should and get the story straight because this sort of thing just really pisses me off.

Farmer will give you straw and then someone bigger comes along and the farmer will tell you that the bigger guy needs it more than you do and gives it to the other guy.

Farmer always thinks he is the most honest guy in the world and figures I will be understanding.

Baler guy thinks he is really smart for getting another field of straw away from someone else.

What a bunch of jerks.

The field was only two miles from the guy's barn. He was totally set. I've found him straw but it is 10 miles away. 

Baler guy could find straw anywhere. He is going to truck it with squeeze and a set of doubles anyway so 3 to 10 miles makes not difference.

Farmer should have stuck by his word. 

Is there anyone who is honest and fair anywhere in this world. I would like to go down there and tell the weird old @#$%er with the baler that he owns me either 600 bales or $750 as he just stole my job. Just start picking bales up with my stacker. But, I guess I don't know the whole story. Will have to corner the farmer as he comes out from time to time. I didn't want to do the job anyway.

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