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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I was wrong

Last week I was quite upset about a field of straw that had been promised to a guy who is sort of my friend and a hay customer.
Yesterday I saw the Farmer whose field it was and he told me how uncomfortable it was to be in the middle of the deal.
His son had told my annoying friend he could have part of a straw field. This farmer who owned the field then found someone to bale the whole field. He told the baler guy that he had to make a deal with annoying guy for the straw that was promised to him.
Now, annoying guy told me they wouldn't give him any straw, but rather offered to sell him year old straw for a high price.
Farmer said the baler guy offered to bale straw for annoying guy at a reasonable cost or to haul him last years straw, to his barn for a reasonable price. Not, quite the same story I heard.
It sounds like he didn't get his straw because he is; ANNOYING.
I really didn't think the farmer would not be true to his word.
But, yet this is the classic straw field story. Someone always needs it more than you do and it is for your own good that it is given to someone else.
Lessons: Just because someone likes to talk doesn't mean they like you-it just means they like to talk. Generally, people with horses who wear funny tight pants call horse riding "dressage" are unreliable. Don't fly off the handle about something with out knowing the facts...
IF SOMEONE GIVES YOU A FIELD OF HAY or STRAW-GET ON IT! Get it done before someone else gets it. Say thanks, move a tractor, pay them money, do something to make it yours, and what ever you do-DON'T ANNOY THEM!

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  1. Lesson one...and next conversation they're in, it's you they'll be talking about.
    Lesson two...tight pants and dressage. Uh huh.
    Lesson three...dunno. Never been solidly on a handle. Lesson four..looking busy. Key to success anywhere except self employment. But it can buy you time...


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