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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I did this week

Saturday I moved down Highway 18 to Willamina Creek road. Far enough out that I think the Pacific Ocean might be just over the next ridge...
I was to plant 45 acres. Then it was 35 and it turned out to be a 14 and a 16. The 14 acre was so long and skinny and with enough corners that it ended up being close to 18 acres so I guess it worked out.
Monday I moved back to the valley, just off Highway 18 again for 30 acres of fescue and timothy. It was very rocky ground. I really don't see the point in farming it. Why brave the most dangerous highway in the state for a field that is too wet to farm on one side and to rocky to farm on the other. I did not offer the farmer my opinion, I just did the best I could.
Moved back home yesterday and got ready to finish up our planting. It poured last night and I thought I was rained out. So I unhooked the drill and hooked up to the strip tiller. 2-155 won't lift the six row strip tiller. 
I got an order for two ton of ground feed so I sent hired man over to get a couple ton of triticale and wheat from the neighbor. He came back with close to six ton. That is a big difference.
I had a plan for planting. We were going to have the ground worked, get a sprout, then kill the sprout and plant 2 rows triticale and one row of fescue. The triticale needs to be watered as it is such a late planting date. But, the field didn't get worked completely so by the time I get a sprout it will be another week behind. I think it needs to be planted tomorrow.
We have 20 acres of triticale, 20 acres of barley, and 40 acres of grass to plant. Plus anther 20 acres of clover seed and 20 acres of Teff. So that is 120 acres of seed... Plus 45 acres of field corn, 2 acres of soybeans, and 1 acre of garbonzo beans.
But, teff ground isn't dry enough, this is OK as Teff needs warmer soil and no frost. Corn can wait a little as soil needs to warm up, same with beans.
The barley needs to be planted but the barley field is too wet to work. I do have a no-till drill but straight no-till into our riverbottom soil at this time of year will not work. If you don't disk and seal up the ground you loose all your moisture through capillary action of the undisturbed soil. The other possiblity is still really too wet and has growing annual ryegrass on it. The ryegrass is a little thin for hay and too many weeds for seed. Plus, there is no hay market this year.
So that leaves a 40 acre patch which has been disked and harrowed but that is closer to the irrigation line so that is the spot for triticale and fescue.
Too many decisions. The problem is nothing can fail. We can't afford to make a mistake. It raises the stress level...
There has got to be a better way to make a living!

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