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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I said you couldn't plant wheat into mud and I was wrong!

I bought a gas sucking pickup. A 1990 Ford F250 4wd with a 454 cu engine. It is the nicest pickup I've ever had. Drives very well, very heavy duty. I hauled 200 gallons of 10-34 (2200lbs), with no problems. I can haul two bags of feed which is again around 2000lbs, no problem. But, the best mileage I have attained is 10 mpg. Hubs not locked and nothing in the back. The worst was 8 mpg, hauling feed and a full tank (100gal) of diesel in the back. I need the truck, I just shouldn't drive it so much.
But I digress.
I was on my way into Amity to fill up the gas tanks and I went by the field I planted in March. I planted spring wheat into what was almost mud. It is up and growing and looks pretty good. The way the light shines in the photo the wheat looks a little yellow. But, up close it looks good. Who knows...
First photo is from March.
Second is of nearly the same spot taken yesterday.
Third is the wide view of the field.


  1. You mean a 460 Ford??? Loves gas! I got 13 with me 454 3/4 ton years ago, like yours it road nice and would haul way over its rated load. I just drove 400 miles with the 02 Chevy 6.0 liter at 10,000 GVW and burned 30 gallons in 400 miles. I thought that was pretty good and I drove it hard and fast. The wheat looks pretty good. What kind is it and what kind of yields and price structure do you have?

  2. Yes I meant a 460 ford. 454 is a GM engine.Oops...
    The wheat is a soft white spring wheat. It is a new variety bred from pacific NW. I think it is called Merrel or Merril. Something like that. I tried to find it listed online but couldn't. Good yields and resistant to disease. Fellow I was planting for said it was $900 a ton to buy the seed. Was a little peaved that I ran a few pounds out on the ground. He put it in a fertilizer box to load into the drill and there was still fertilizer in the box. I pointed out that my drill cost $46,000 and I didn't want fertilizer in it as that is what killed my old drill. Seemed to understand my point.


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