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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fogggy Saturday

Today would be a perfect day for me to be in a Lazy Farmer cartoon. I do have a rocking chair, don't have a beard but am sporting three days worth of stubble, I don't have a potbellied stove. I guess that pretty much puts me out of the cartoon. I guess i'll actually have to go to work.
Was able to waste most of the day yesterday. Started out pretty good, after an extended rest in the house, and a couple cups of coffee. My sloth was interrupted by a call from my friendly New Holland salesman who is calling to tell me the used 1085 NH balewagon is ready to be delivered.
Since he always asks about my no-till drill I thought I would wash it so that it would be all nice and shiny for his inspection. I had sort of hoped that my employee who is actually even more lazy than myself had really cleaned it like I asked him to do before he took off for the winter.
Perhaps I should digress and explain my employee.
Well, I would talk about him but I see the fellow who always brings doughnuts for coffee break is hear. There ain't much better than a maplebar and a cup of watery coffee to get me out of work on a cold foggy morning! Yessir!

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